1. Mani Monday: Mermaid Nails


    This week’s Mani Monday by Wondrously Polished is an ode to mermaids! Get crafty with colors and try this scale-y siren mani at home!




    1. Start by painting your nails with your favorite white polish and let dry completely. 
    2. Paint a gradient of white to teal to blue onto a damp makeup sponge. I used 4 different colors for this step. Make sure there is enough polish on the sponge to transfer onto your nail. 
    Click through for the rest of this tutorial! 

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  3. celinedoesnails:

    Happy Birthday to me! It’s true, I am the big one eight today!

    I wanted some fun nails so I came up with these super bright tie dye nails. I used quite a few polishes so if you want to know specific, let me know. I am holding China Glaze Grass is Lime Greener in the bottom picture though. 

    Now to go to the casino and take advantage of finally being an adult! :D

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  4. heartnat24:

    Glitter sandwich using OPI Don’t Touch My Tutu and OPI Pirouette My Whistle, then stamped using Konad M77 in Konad White

    Full Post: http://heartnat.blogspot.com/2012/09/delicate-feathers.html#

  5. raqstarnails:

    Wait. But look at my thumb. 👍 #nails #nailart #nailgasm #nailartclub #nailswag #raqstarnails #gelnails

  6. primacreative:

    Black nails with exposed midriff. Original nail design by Christina Rinaldi of Prima Creative

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  8. klo-s-to-me:

    Sweet Nails

    Mini Bourjois Anniversaire 1938

    Mini Bourjois Cinema à Bombay n°52

    China Glaze - White on White n°70255

    Essence - That’s What I  mint n°146

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    At a loss for what to do on your nails this 4th of July? Try these easy looks to sparkle at your festivities tomorrow!